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Railcar Tracking

Poor visibility into the location of railcars leads to delays, lost shipments, and increased operational costs. In addition, the absence of real-time tracking makes it difficult for rail operators to identify potential safety risks, such as derailments or collisions, and respond promptly to prevent accidents. Our Railcar Tracking product is designed to provide reliable tracking of railcars to improve the effectiveness of rail operations and ensure the efficient transportation of goods.

Improved Delivery Reliability

More on-time moves through reducing delays and disruptions.

Optimized Fleet Utilization

More turns and minimized idle times through measurable and actionable movement data.

Increased Profitability

Better cost control through reduced operational inefficiencies and greater predictability in railcar moves.

Precise Railcar Location and Historical Movements

Railcar Location, Dwell Time, and Transit History

Check the location of any railcar in the fleet to understand where it is, where it’s been, and how long it’s been there. Access these real time and historical views either on desktop or mobile through a single web-responsive application.

Dwell Time and Transit Time Alert Thresholds

Set up known locations, destinations, and routes, and receive alerts when a railcar has spent too long at a location, idle on the railroad, or on a given turn. Access reports of railcars with these threshold violations to take corrective action.

Fleet-wide Trends and Analytics

Real-time Fleet Performance

View dashboards designed to provide a snapshot into the health of the fleet. Investigate the current state of railcars at the origin, destination, or on the railroad, and surface railcars that need immediate attention.

Identify Underperforming Operational Areas

Analyze average turnaround times to and from a destination and average dwell times per location. See which locations have historically had the highest percentage of railcars that have spent over the expected dwell time, or which routes have had the highest percentage of trips taken over the total expected trip time.

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