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Equipment Tracking for Drilling Contractors

Contract drilling is hard work, and time spent manually searching for the equipment you need is frustrating and impacts the bottom line. Plus, drilling equipment is expensive and lost/stolen equipment can mean tens of thousands of dollars in costs to your business. The Leverege Equipment Tracking solution enables drilling contractors to instantly locate all rented equipment and get alerted if equipment is tampered with or stolen, reducing costs and increasing profitability.

Instantly Locate Equipment

Get the Real-time Location of Any Equipment

Whether you’re on mobile or desktop, never waste time searching again by instantly locating the equipment you need.

Get Notified for Theft or Tampering

Share Stolen Equipment Location with Law Enforcement

If equipment has gone missing, share its location with law enforcement to recover the equipment and avoid penalty fees.

Get Notified of Suspicious Activity

Set operating hours and get notified when equipment is moved unexpectedly to identify possible thefts or employee misuse.

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