Showcase the Value of IoT

Prove value and get stakeholder buy-in with one of our asset management applications. We customize it to your business and it includes real devices, all in a fixed-cost package.

Showcase is Step 1 of Our Proven Process

Leverege packages hands-on support with our highly customizable asset management applications in three distinct steps so you can prove value, mitigate risk, and accelerate your digital transformation.



So you’ve decided to implement IoT and transform your business, congrats! Before you commit to a particular vendor or product, first you want to evaluate what’s out there and select which of those options are worth investing the additional time and resources for a pilot.


Your business has unique needs, so it’s important to pilot an IoT application so you can identify how the IoT application can adapt to you and where you’ll need to adapt to it (aka change management). This will help you understand and plan for what will be needed to successfully implement across your entire business beyond the pilot.
Jumpstart with a Pilot


To successfully implement an IoT application across your business, it takes technology and people. You’ll need to pair devices to assets, build integrations, perform installations, and conduct training to ensure successful adoption and maximum ROI of your new IoT application.
Launch Across Your Business

Showcase Solves Key Challenges

A Showcase gives you high value with low risk, enabling you to showcase the value of IoT to prove value and get stakeholder buy-in before investing additional time and resources.

How do you get executive buy-in for further investment?

IoT can be incredibly valuable to a business if done right, but it can also be a big resource commitment. Processes will need to be updated, employees will need to be trained, systems will need to be integrated with the IoT application, and more. Because IoT is a big commitment and because it touches many departments within an enterprise, executive buy-in is critical for success (19% of IoT projects fail because of lack of leadership support and attention). So how do you show the value of IoT to your executives? How do you help them to really “get it”, given the complexity and newness of IoT?

How do you get maximum value and learnings while avoiding cost overruns?

A quarter of IoT projects fail due to lack of clear strategy, but when you’re just starting your IoT journey, you don’t know what you don’t know so formulating a clear IoT strategy is difficult. The best way to quickly learn about IoT and clarify your IoT strategy is by actually doing. However, running a proof-of-concept isn’t free. So how do you rapidly achieve maximum value and learnings from a proof-of-concept while capping your downside and avoiding cost overruns?

How do you cut through the marketing fluff and test real capabilities?

If you were evaluating a pure SaaS product, like a productivity application, you could get a free trial and test the capabilities yourself. IoT applications touch the physical world, making it impossible to truly test via just the web. IoT vendors will make bold claims, but are these claims real or just marketing fluff? What’s the true accuracy of the tracking device? Does “real-time” mean updates every 5 seconds, 5 minutes, or 5 hours? How can you test and find out for yourself?

How do you choose the right IoT technologies?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution in IoT. To be successful, you need to choose the right combination of hardware devices, network connectivity, cloud infrastructure, and application software (24% of IoT projects fail due to lack of necessary technology). Network connectivity options alone can be overwhelming with LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M, 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth, and ZigBee representing just a subset of viable choices. So how do you compare and choose the right IoT technologies at each layer of the tech stack?

A Showcase is one of our asset management applications customized to your business and chosen use case, with devices, connectivity, and everything else you need all wrapped together in a fixed cost package.

What’s in aShowcase?

Dedicated IoT Success Manager

You get a dedicated IoT Success Manager, who will work closely with you to understand your business needs, customize the application, and provide training and operational support.

Customized Asset Management Application

Your IoT Success Manager will customize the application to your needs by creating user roles & permissions, updating layout & branding, and configuring dashboards & visualizations.

Devices Included

Leverege has a catalogue of pre-integrated devices optimized for different use cases. A total of 5-10 devices will be included and shipped to you as part of the Showcase.

Want to Develop Your Own IoT Applications?

If you want to develop and own IoT applications, to implement internally or sell externally, don't start from scratch. Use the Leverege IoT Stack.

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Applications for Any Industry

Automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, supply chain/logistics, marine; whichever industry you're in, Leverege's customized asset management applications can be easily adapted to meet your business needs. IoT Changes Everything™.

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