Launch Scaled IoT Applications

Scale your IoT application(s) across your business with system integration services and an all-inclusive consumption-based pricing model for the application(s).

Launch is Step 3 of Our Proven Process

Leverege packages hands-on support with our highly customizable asset management applications in three distinct steps so you can prove value, mitigate risk, and accelerate your digital transformation.



So you’ve decided to implement IoT and transform your business, congrats! Before you commit to a particular vendor or product, first you want to evaluate what’s out there and select which of those options are worth investing the additional time and resources for a pilot.
Showcase the Value of loT


Your business has unique needs, so it’s important to pilot an IoT application so you can identify how the IoT application can adapt to you and where you’ll need to adapt to it (aka change management). This will help you understand and plan for what will be needed to successfully implement across your entire business beyond the pilot.
Jumpstart with a Pilot


To successfully implement an IoT application across your business, it takes technology and people. You’ll need to pair devices to assets, build integrations, perform installations, and conduct training to ensure successful adoption and maximum ROI of your new IoT application.

Launch Solves Key Challenges

Launch enables you to rapidly deploy across your business, bundling together technology and services to install, integrate, and train so you can get to maximum value as fast as possible.

Is the underlying technology future-proof? Can it adapt and grow to accommodate your future needs?

Your IoT journey usually starts with just one or two use cases, but for large enterprises, there will likely be dozens of IoT use cases you’ll want to address over the next few years. Will you be able to add new IoT applications without needing multiple vendors? Can your IoT vendor enable you to build and manage your own IoT applications if you want to take over and/or white-label in the future? Is the vendor hardware/connectivity agnostic and consistently updating their technology stack? It’s also critical that your chosen vendor is a healthy business that will be around for the long-term, so is the vendor a small startup with limited runway or a growing business with stable cashflow?

How do I ensure my team has the IoT skills and capabilities necessary for success?

IoT requires new internal skills; 24% of IoT initiatives fail due to a lack of the right resources and knowledge. To build these internal capabilities, how do you find out where the gaps are on your current team? For those gaps, how do you determine which skills you’ll need to hire for directly and which can be outsourced? If you plan on hiring to build your internal capabilities, how do you bridge the gap in the meantime so you can move fast and not be left behind by your competition?

Can you trust in the security of the underlying technology?

Security is top-of-mind for businesses adopting IoT (97% are concerned about security). This concern is justified; the combination of hardware devices, network connectivity, cloud infrastructure, and application software means that there are many attack surfaces for bad actors. So how do you ensure that each layer of the IoT technology stack is secure? Can you regularly patch and update each layer of the stack to maintain security over time (e.g. over-the-air updates to devices)? Is there strong user authentication at all layers?

How do you quickly roll-out across your business to achieve maximum value as fast as possible?

When you’ve proven ROI and have decided to scale beyond a pilot, the sooner and smoother the business-wide roll-out, the better. However, there are several questions and challenges when implementing across your business. Are there upfront CapEx requirements? Who will be performing installation of infrastructure (e.g. gateway installation, attachment of devices to assets, etc.)? What processes will need to be updated to incorporate the new technology and workflows? How will you train your employees - are training materials already available or will you need to create them yourself?

What’s in aLaunch?

Launch is everything you need to scale. Every Leverege asset management application is built from the ground up for scalability and security, but successfully scaling isn't just about the tech. You'll also get hands-on support and tools to install, train, and manage your application(s) with millions of devices across thousands of locations.

Proven Scalability & Security

Leverege has successfully launched customers with millions of active devices and a 99.9% SLA. Leverege regularly performs stress tests and penetration tests with 3rd party security firms to ensure scalability and security are maintained.

Transparent, All-Inclusive Pricing Model

Start with a transparent all-inclusive (devices, connectivity, software) consumption-based fee, meaning no upfront CapEx and predictable costs. Then, as you build your internal IoT capabilities, you have the option unbundle into separate pricing for greater control and ownership of your application(s).

Long-term Control & Ownership

IoT applications can be mission-critical, so large enterprises want the ability to manage and extend their current IoT applications and/or to build new IoT applications. Since every IoT application is built on the Leverege IoT Stack, you have the option to take control and ownership of all your current and future IoT applications.

Want to Develop Your Own IoT Applications?

If you want to develop and own IoT applications, whether it's to implement internally or to sell externally, don't start from scratch. Use the Leverege IoT Stack.

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Get Ahead of Your Competition

Building everything from scratch means slower time-to-market, increased costs, and greater risk. Accelerate your IoT application development and decrease the overhead of ongoing management by using the powerful and flexible Leverege IoT Stack.