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Cold Chain Monitoring

Perishable assets, such as vaccines or food, can incur damage, become spoiled, or otherwise rendered unusable when environmental conditions spike. This can happen at any point in the supply chain - whether it be at the manufacturer, in transit, or at a customer storage location. Spoilage of assets can be costly and dangerous to all parties involved. The Intelligent Cold Chain Monitoring solution is built specifically to save on asset costs and ensure adherence to product quality standards.

Real-Time Data Across The Entire Supply Chain

Comprehensive views into the location and status of goods at every stage in the supply chain means clarity and accountability across the entire process.

Reduction in Spoilage of Goods

Real-time alerts and notifications means the right personnel can respond quickly and resolve environmental concerns before they become major issues.

Measurable Cost Savings

Automated data collection, alerts, and workflows drives higher product quality, less product waste, and reduced resource spend.

Real-Time Monitoring of Environmental Conditions

Precisely track the location, monitor the temperature and humidity levels, and receive alerts on temperature-sensitive assets as they travel through the supply chain.

Monitor Real-Time Environmental & Location Data

Administrators can monitor the movement and storage of temperature-sensitive goods (e.g. beverages, food, pharmaceuticals) and identify trends and operational improvements.

Prevent Theft & Spoilage with Alerts

Inventory managers can configure alerts to send emails & SMS messages if the assets leave a designated area or if the environmental conditions spike outside of set thresholds.

Improved Product Quality & Operations

Cold chain monitoring can increase an organization’s bottom line by upholding high product quality and minimizing supply chain issues.

Product Quality Assurance with History Audits

All environmental conditions of an asset are automatically stored and accessible for quality assurance and audit purposes.

Automated Workflows to Reduce Overhead

Manual processes can be automated, like documenting temperature excursion or notifying shipment coordinators, reducing overhead and improving operations.

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