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Supply Chain Shipment Tracking

Tracking the location and condition of shipments can be complex and costly, especially with high-value goods that require certain environmental conditions, like temperature and humidity, to be met. Managers lack transparency into the status of their goods, and current approaches are often manual, inaccurate, and delayed. The Supply Chain Shipment Tracking solution provides users with the data they need to ensure their shipments arrive on time and in the proper condition.

Real-Time Shipment Location & Delay Tracking

Inventory managers have complete access to the status of every shipment, its current location, and its estimated arrival time.

Environmental Monitoring of Shipments

Administrators can monitor shipments and receive alerts when environmental conditions such as temperature or humidity exceed its allowable range.

New Insights into Operational Issues & Trends

Administrators get greater transparency into their shipments and can easily identify trends and make informed decisions to improve overall operations & logistics.

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