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Staff Safety for Hotels & Casinos

Workplace violence in hospitality threatens staff safety, and providing assistance quickly during crises can be challenging. Insufficient safety measures can result in expensive lawsuits. The Leverege Staff Safety solution enables staff to trigger real-time alerts for swift responses. With location tracking, security can promptly locate and respond to new incidents and also analyze past events to improve security and reduce liability risks.

Provide Peace-of-Mind to Staff with a Button Click

Empower Staff to Send Discrete Alerts to Seek Help

Pressing a button on staff badges triggers a real-time alert, allowing staff to instantly notify security without escalating the situation.

Increase Staff Satisfaction

Providing real-time security creates a safer work environment, boosting staff morale and raising the level of guest service.

Reduce Harm & Support Security with Instant Location

Find Staff Location Quickly

Track staff location immediately during emergencies, ensuring their well-being and enabling a faster response to incidents.

Shorten Security Response Times

Deliver instant alerts with location to security, enabling them to arrive quickly to the right location in crucial situations. 

Easily Create Reports to Demonstrate Compliance

Review Alert Data and Response Times

Track historic duress situations and response times to provide ample security and efficiently distribute resources, ensuring safety standards are being met.

Ensure Compliance and Accountability

Create reports that can be used to ensure that safety protocols are being followed, reducing liability risks and saving tens of thousands of dollars on settlements and staff replacements.

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