Data Visualization

Surface key and actionable data with flexible & customizable Data Visualization components. Create charts, graphs, and tables with fully configurable dimensions and parameters to give teams the data to make clear and informed decisions.

Capture insights with Dynamic Visualizations

Explore the library of data visualization UI components and configure them to show what matters to your organization.

Configurable Data Views to Tell Your Story

Illustrate the latest status of your assets with configurable data views, including Gantt charts, bar charts, histograms, high-level rollups, and more.

Interactive Data Views for Detailed Analysis

Give users control to drill into specific date ranges or visualize data of an individual asset when selected on map, table, or filter.

Design Your Data Dashboard

Always have the information you need at your fingertips by building dashboards for your assets and important processes.

No-code Dashboard Builder

Pick, place, and style your data components how you want them on the page without writing a single line of code.

Customized Views for All of Your Teams

Show dashboards and components that make sense for the needs of each job function by configuring specialized views per role.

Explore Our Features

Enabling feature modules is easy and simple. No code is required, just configure your blueprints in Architect to include the feature you want

Multi-Floor Mapping

Track your assets across multi-floor buildings, garages, and other indoor structures with Multi-Floor Mapping. Create your floors, rooms, and zones, and easily deploy and configure your supporting hardware to complete your setup.

Asset Location History

Track location and status changes over time using Asset Location History. Collect historical data, visualize geographic movements, and set alerts to identify trends, and quantify process performance, and make improvements.

Rapid Search & Filtering

Find the important things right away using our search and filter features. Block out the noise and reduce the complexity of all your data by offering a clean yet powerful search interface for users to quickly identify what they’re looking for.