Multi-Floor Mapping

Multi-floor asset tracking can be hard. We make it easy with our multi-floor mapping technology. Keep track of all your assets across multi-floor buildings, parking garages, & other indoor structures.

Save Time Locating Assets in Large Indoor Facilities

Simplify the process of tracking down your assets and doing inventory reconciliation by implementing our multi-floor mapping solution. Immediately know which room, floor, and building your asset is in.

Multi-Floor & Building Visualization

Multi-floor mapping helps you identify and locate your assets, track utilization across floors & departments, and manage asset assignments for your workforce.

Configurable Notifications

Streamline your alerts by setting up notifications for when your assets leave their assigned floor, building, or location.

Easy & Intuitive Floorplan Setup

Customize maps to fit your organization. Set up rooms, zones, and floors with custom labels, colors, and more.

Simple Zone & Room Management

Import your floor plan or draw your rooms by hand using our zone creation and management tool.

Easy Hardware Installation

Quickly install and deploy your hardware using our rapid pairing technology and device management tools. Easily manage hardware lifecycle and apply updates on your schedule.

Explore Our Features

Enabling feature modules is easy and simple. No code is required, just configure your blueprints in Architect to include the feature you want

Asset Location History

Track location and status changes over time using Asset Location History. Collect historical data, visualize geographic movements, and set alerts to identify trends, and quantify process performance, and make improvements.

Rapid Search & Filtering

Find the important things right away using our search and filter features. Block out the noise and reduce the complexity of all your data by offering a clean yet powerful search interface for users to quickly identify what they’re looking for.

User Management

Ensure teams have access to what they need to get their job done with User Management. Create accounts, assign roles, configure granular permissions, and integrate with your existing identify provider to manage your users from end-to-end.