User Management

Ensure teams have access to what they need to get their job done with User Management. Create accounts, assign roles, configure granular permissions, and integrate with your existing identify provider to manage your users from end-to-end.

Create job-specific roles and permission levels

Create custom user roles for job-related functions like pairing assets to trackers or administrating new locations. Role updates are applied immediately, so you always know your team is working with the latest capabilities.

Persona-based Role Selection

Assign users multiple roles to match their multiple job functions, allowing them to switch views to best perform the task at hand.

Granular Permissions for Fine-Tune Access Control

Stay secure and compliant with granular permissioning and ensure your teams have access to precisely the views and actions they need.

Communicate in Your Style

White-label every piece of your product, from application branding all the way down to your email invitations.

Branded and Personalized Communications

Email templates are easily updated and personalized to the recipient using our HTML editor.

Multi-Channel Notifications

Use email and SMS to reach your audience through their preferred medium, and give users the option to subscribe or unsubscribe from each channel.

Explore Our Features

Enabling feature modules is easy and simple. No code is required, just configure your blueprints in Architect to include the feature you want

Multi-Floor Mapping

Track your assets across multi-floor buildings, garages, and other indoor structures with Multi-Floor Mapping. Create your floors, rooms, and zones, and easily deploy and configure your supporting hardware to complete your setup.

Asset Location History

Track location and status changes over time using Asset Location History. Collect historical data, visualize geographic movements, and set alerts to identify trends, and quantify process performance, and make improvements.

Rapid Search & Filtering

Find the important things right away using our search and filter features. Block out the noise and reduce the complexity of all your data by offering a clean yet powerful search interface for users to quickly identify what they’re looking for.