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Global Inventory Management for Automotive OEMs

The automotive supply chain is vast and complex, spanning from global multimodal shipping to individual dealership locations. Getting insight into individual vehicles, their information, and location is difficult and time consuming. The Leverege Global Inventory Management solution enables automotive OEMs to provide more accurate delivery times to dealers, give dealers visibility into shipped vehicles, manage all inventory in a unified view, recover vehicles stolen during shipment, and flag issues to hold carriers accountable.

Equip Dealers with Shipment Visibility

Provide More Accurate Delivery Times

With real-time location of all vehicles in-transit, it’s possible to predict more accurate delivery times.

Give Dealers Direct Visibility

Build trust with dealers by giving them the ability to see exactly where their vehicles are, while also reducing your customer support burden.

See All Your Inventory in a Unified, Global View

See All Your Inventory in One Place

Monitor the location and status of all your inventory in a single, easy-to-use dashboard. No longer do you need to go to multiple, carrier-specific systems to find the information you need.

Avoid Costly Integrations

Installation is quick and easy, meaning that you can monitor any vehicle being transported by any carrier without any integration necessary.

Recover Stolen Vehicles & Hold Carriers Accountable for Issues

Share Stolen Vehicle Location with Law Enforcement

If a vehicle’s gone missing, share its location with law enforcement to recover your stolen vehicle.

Automatically Flag Issues

Get alerts if a vehicle gets delivered to the wrong dealership location or stuck at port so you can proactively address and mitigate future issues.

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