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Large Equipment Tracking

At facilities with large equipment and complex operations, it’s difficult to keep track of equipment and the employees who operate them. This can lead to organizations spending lots of resources trying to locate the right equipment and repairing equipment after finding it’s broken. The Large Equpiment Tracking solution enables facilities to view equipment by exact location, monitor and proactively maintain equipment, and uphold employee safety guidelines.

Theft Recovery & Alarms for Stolen Equipment

When valuable equipment is stolen, administrators are notified right away and can contact law enforcement to quickly recover their assets.

Real-Time Location of All Equipment

Employees have access to the real time location and status of all equipment, freeing up the time and resources previously spent searching for and manually checking equipment.

Ensure Employee Safety & Accountability

Administrators have more transparency into personnel interactions and incidents with large equipment, providing them with audit capabilities and visibility into rule adherence.

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