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Tank Level Monitoring

Knowing the fill level of a tank or storage bin is critical to getting things done. Realizing that there’s not enough fuel to run equipment, discovering a bin of discard material at full capacity, or finding a leak or overflow means that production comes to a standstill, costing precious time and resources. Remote monitoring with the Leverege IoT Stack provides an automated, accurate, and safe way to monitor tank levels and keep operations running smoothly.

Automated & Accurate Tank Level Readings

Receiving tank level readings on an automated, recurring basis eliminates the need for manual checks that are inaccurate, delayed, and potentially unsafe.

Boosted Customer Satisfaction

Generating alerts to personnel when fill levels drop or exceed given thresholds means that customers will always have what they need in their tanks at the time they need it.

Reduced Costs

Using historical data to identify key trends in tank usage minimizes unnecessary or one-off service trips. Notifications from real-time data can prevent disastrous and expensive leaks and overflows.

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