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Automotive Service Bay Utilization

Inefficient service bays can lead to delays, low customer satisfaction, and revenue loss. Lack of real-time visibility into service bay occupancy and utilization can result in inefficiencies, poor scheduling, and performance issues. Our Automotive Service Bay Utilization Product provides real-time and historical data to optimize service bay utilization, reduce wait times, and increase operational efficiency. With our occupancy and utilization insights, service managers can make informed decision

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Higher customer satisfaction ratings with on-demand scheduling and more accurate wait times

Reduce Costs

Reduction in labor costs through operational efficiency improvements and optimized resource planning

Boost Revenue

Companies can increase their overall revenue by improving the number of services daily.

For Shop Managers

Bay Occupancy & Utilization Insights

Real-Time & Historical Utilization Data

Get the real-time status of every service bay, including a snapshot of the current vehicle. Access historical utilization data to understand the average time per service, vehicles serviced per hour, and the % of total time each bay is occupied

Empty Bay Alerts & Service Analytics

Get real-time alerts when a bay is empty for too long or a service runs over the estimated completion time. See all of the shop’s service events over time & access a variety of analytics views, unlocking key insights into operational efficiency.

For Executives

Predictive Shop Performance & Comparative Analysis

Forecast Shop Performance

Get detailed statistics on a per shop basis to identify over-performing & under-performing shops. Forecast service rates for upcoming quarters to make informed business decisions

Compare Shop Performance & Get Historical Reports

View daily, weekly, and monthly shop service trends, ranging from duration analysis to services per week. Compare shops individually, regionally, or globally to identify the best and worse performers.

For Customers

Service Updates & Estimated Wait Times

Waiting Room Service Tracker

Display wait times on large screen displays in the customer service area so customers don’t have to guess how long their service may take. Show a ranked board of who is up next, providing customers a sense of control over their experience

Mobile Progress Tracker & Notifications

Customers can check in on progress via a URL on their phones & opt-in to receive text message notifications when their vehicle is ready for pickup.

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