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Automotive Manufacturing Tracking

With up to thousands of vehicles produced daily, managing assets at an automotive manufacturing plant is complex, tedious, and time consuming. The Automotive Manufacturing Tracking solution is built to provide organizations with comprehensive views to easily know the location and status of all their vehicles and drive operational excellence throughout the manufacturing process.

Complete Location & Status Tracking

Real-time indoor and outdoor location tracking enables users to see where their vehicles are from the moment they leave the assembly line to delivery at their final destination.

Time & Resource Savings

Eliminate the countless hours and resources spent searching for specific vehicles by enabling personnel to locate them quickly and correctly the first time.

Improved Manufacturing Quality & Operations

Make operational improvements, plan future resourcing needs, and meet forecasted demand based on knowledge generated from historical data.

Real-Time Views Across the Whole Plant

Understand location and status of all vehicles at the entire facility with configurable views optimized for both desktop and mobile.

Track Indoor & Outdoor Vehicle Location

Get real-time vehicle location in both outdoor lots and indoor spaces, including multi-floor structures. Create custom zones and set alerts for when vehicles enter or exit important areas.

Quick Filters & Rapid Search

Hone in on what’s important using the powerful Quick Filter and Rapid Search capabilities. Specify the desired conditions and search criteria, and receive walking directions to the exact vehicle you need.

Historical Data to Power New Insight

With historical vehicle data, users can now analyze and track plant performance in ways that were previously unknowable and introduce measurable improvements into their operations.

Location & Status History

Detailed location and status history available for every vehicle allows users to identify reasons for delay and opportunities for process improvement.

Data Visualizations

Identify operational trends in key indicators like defects rates and days on hand using the built-in suite of charts, graphs, and reports.

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