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Crop Health Monitoring System

A successful harvest all begins with soil and crop health monitoring. Farmers without insight into the environmental conditions of their property have little insight to how factors such as temperature, humidity, and soil makeup are impacting yield. Current approaches are manual and unreliable, costing farmers in time, resources, and unrealized profits. The Crop Health Monitoring System provides users with an automated and intuitive solution to getting the most out of a season’s crop.

Improved Harvest Forecasts

Historical data and future environmental conditions combine to create a holistic forecast of crop yield and recommend actions to improve it.

Intelligent Automation of Daily Tasks

Streamlined & automated workflows for irrigation and sampling eliminate need for manual checks and additional labor costs.

Protect Crops & Reduce Costs

Real-time alerts on environmental conditions allows farmers to prevent small issues from become big problems in the future, protecting crops from potential damage and saving on the costs that would otherwise be required.

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